Objects of Ritual
COFO Design Challenge Finalist - 2019

This object was designed and fabricated as a prototype for the Launchpad x COFO design challenge. COFO is a Canadian lifestyle and furniture design studio which is transforming the design industry with quality goods designed in partnership with local artists. https://www.cofodesign.com/


INSPIRATION Every design house needs a vessel to display our most precious possessions but few have explored the themes of travel, identity and place quite like this series of jewelry vessels. With the recent success of Canadian Jewelry brand Mejuri, these ritual objects were designed with the female entrepreneur in mind. Created in collaboration with Jewelry makers who are members and use the studios, at Launchpad this unit is for displaying, traveling and packaging precious jewelry without the bulk and flimsiness of traditional jewelry stands. The broad face of the stands is unique as it allows pieces to drape nicely with little movement. It also allows the user to store and travel with our most precious objects whether it’s a trade shows or the air bnb. Nothing celebrates diversity in fashion tastes quite like jewelry.


THE FORM was intended to be identifiable and inspired by two intersecting planes at both 45 and 30 degrees. This allows for wonderful angles on display at every turn. The 2 units can be displayed together creating customizable colourways between the container rim, vessel, stand and cnc’d face plate. Assembly will be a breeze. I designed several iterations of the design before settling on the simple form you see in presentation. Distilling it to pure forms the product is both intuitive and mysterious. You may not even notice that the container is operable when assembled for display.