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Black Is King- Spirit x Design

Why are we calling some of the elements in the film demonic? I would argue she is more aligned with the Spirit of God than most of us will be in our lifetime...

I think it’s interesting how we have chosen to view Beyonce’s work as a collective and each individually. What I have been grappling with and trying to reconcile with myself is how to put together the pieces of what I know to share with the collective, knowing that Beyonce and I both have a similar, not only view, but fundamentally energetic or spiritual make up, that allows us to be at peace with why we will not be seen or heard or felt accurately. Before we begin to call her anything that relates to our understanding of “demonism” or “witchcraft”, I would like us to consider the root of the practices she showed us in her film Black is King, as well as the people who practiced it, in comparison to those that initially claimed these practices to be so and why.

The point being argued here specifically is the concept of Spirit, and why we as people of colour find ourselves in constant struggle with this word. To set the tone for this piece, the concept of Spirit will be defined as: animating or vital principle in man and animals (Spirit; Merriam Webster).

According to Educator Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene, the spirits purpose of animating man occurred through the following excerpt from Spirituality Before Religions:

After millions of years, the human body (Head torso and lower limbs) evolved to its divine proportion, and the four ventricles of the ventricular system ballooned open to the limbic system of the brain. At this moment, the mind recalled what the Creator had thought before the beginning began. I want to know myself. Scientifically this moment would have occurred at the Homo sapiens sapiens stage of human life. On the cosmic calendar, it would have been during the last 3 to 4 seconds of the cosmic year. Involution inspired the human Ka (Spirit) To recognize itself by recalling its original source, the Nun (Universe). The further inward you travel within your body the purer the energy gets. As you go outward the more physical energy materializes. While invisible by nature the chakras are spinning wheels that activate and harmonize matter and energy, body and spirit. Involutions' purpose is to search, find and motivate the creator within each human masterpiece. Once the Creator is recognized and embraced, the spirit within becomes conscious of its consciousness. As each human goes through the spiritual journey, his/her soul takes shape and metamorphosizes it's metaphysical potential. ( Page 44-45)

Kaba goes on to quote a piece from the book The Spirit of Intimacy by Dr. Sobunfu Some, explaining that:

“Spiritual Inspiration's purpose is to bind us in such a way that we maintain our connection, not only with ourselves, but, also with Nature. Spirit helps us fulfill our own life’s purpose and maintain our sanity… spirit is the life force and everything, spirit helps us accomplish our life’s purpose and maintain our connection to the Cosmic spiritual world.”

I had a conversation the other day with a Christian friend about the film Black is King and the underlying symbolism and traditional african spiritual rituals. There is much debate, and arguably has always been, about what flys as good spiritual practices and what is demonic and witchcraft (and interestingly, coming from people who look like us). All of this to say, when it came down to it, my friend defined for herself the Holy Spirit as being that of God’s Divine Nature. Timely to say that Spirit’s purpose to maintain our connections with ourself, but also with nature, when we as a society seem to be very disconnected with both.

If we proceed in this exploration of thought with the understanding that the Holy Spirit is indeed God’s Divine Nature, then we must assume that everything that is in nature and in it’s natural state, is in alignment with the spirit’s intention. If the spiritual inspiration's purpose is to bind us in such a way that we maintain our connection with ourselves, then it seems that spirit does not set out to change us, but rather to maintain and connect us to what is. The I Am. However, we are told that our nature is that of sin. Moreover, we are told that we must rid ourself of all that is darkness (thought and deeds) in order to restore this connection to what is. I would like us to submit for consideration, how an intention to Know Self and self’s pure nature, inevitably became the condemnation of self and self’s nature. If we are all spiritual sons and daughters of God, sharing in his/her divine nature to simply know self, why would our nature be sin?

In defining what sin is as “missing the mark" (cheit in Hebrew), what is this mark that we are striving our entire lives to hit? This mark of perfection, that no man but the son of God could hit. This divine nature that Paul describes in Philippians 3:14 as he says “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God”, seems to be what all God’s children feel. The ‘call of God’ on our life to be blessed with a gift so great we share with the world and are loved in return. The divine exchange of love with a blessing so individual and unique that we can only describe as our “magic” or divine nature. So how do we achieve this divine nature? Is it being blameless and pure in the eyes of God, or is it responding to the call of God, to Know Self?

Why are we calling some of the elements in the film Demonic? I would argue she is more aligned with the Spirit of God than most of us will be in our lifetime...

What gives me the confidence to say this? Let us assume that we are following the original intention of Spirit to Know Self and self’s Nature...

"Be Still and Know"... Dancers Pictured being still in nature and natural state.

As we know her to be, or I should say as she shows herself to us, Beyonce is a hard working, diligent, beautifully and intentionally crafting artist, willing to only produce and show what she deems as her pure and necessary masterpiece after it's gone through her individual processing. According to Astrology, a practice commonly misunderstood in the christian community and a divination practice used in the east particularly condemned by the west (connecting where this self hatred comes from), Beyonce is a Virgo Sun as she is born On September 4th, 1981 ( follow diagram for visual). The Sun Symbolizes the self and personal identity (1). Virgo sun’s are grounding earth energies known for their distinct sense of order and systems. They are very charming practical people with great design and manual skills, able to create thorough functioning systems that maximize productivity for ease and speed. The sun in Virgo is also in her 11th House of Groups, peers, kindred spirits, social ideals and activism and future vision, also known as the house of Social Ideals (sounds to me that Beyonce is very aware and in tune with her nature).

All of her described nature above is what we know her to be, however it isn’t all she is. We also cannot take for face value, an assumption on whether any of the above mentioned traits are objectively good or bad. I would argue that it is in how she decides to use the understanding of self to navigate the world as best as she can. We have seen throughout time, though, that the difficulty Beyonce has often occurs when using her understanding of her hardworking nature to strive to please everyone who loves her and who she loves. For a celebrity, this would be difficult for anyone, but in Beyonce’s particular case as a Libra Rising ASC, I can see it as being nearly impossible to find a balance between working hard for the collective and finding peace with oneself (2). Nearly impossible, without divine guidance and help.

What roles does the Rising sign play you ask? The Rising sign, also known as the ascendant is the sign the sun comes into at the break of dawn, or the sun’s rising. The reason this is so important, is because the rising or dawn occurs ad orientem (facing eastward), often known as the direction in which the holy spirit comes from. As Saint John of Damascus implored the faithful to pray facing east because it "reminds Christians of their need to long for and strive for the paradise that God intended...Christians affirm their faith in Christ as the Light of the world" by praying in that direction. In a deeper practice of Astrology called Esoteric Astrology, the rising sign is known as the Soul’s Calling ( hint hint). If we follow Beyonce’s soul calling in the sign of Libra, it is clear that she has sensed the need to find balance in her life, as her nature would drive her in a direction that would not be conducive to her highest good and moreover, could be an excretion of ego when gone unchecked. In the nature of Libra, the spirit encourages the soul to find balance in all things. Libra’s are air signs that seek harmony and justice, but are known to sometimes be compromising of themselves and their values. In Esoteric Astrology Libra’s keynote is the harmonization of duality through the establishment of right relationships.

It looks as though throughout her career, Beyonce has tried to master the balance of her career and personal life, not to mention it helping her case that her moon (ruling her emotions) being in the sign of Scorpio’s depth and mystery, aids in keeping her life private as she navigates finding and maintaining such balance (3). All to say, she is very much aligned in her inner being and nature. So if this is the case, how do we then perceive her as anything other than in her divine, God given, spirit led nature?

In order to get a deeper look, we must continue to turn to these ancient traditional spiritual practices for more insight. One I am recently aligning with and practicing is the system of Human Design, or as I like to call it Spirit x Design . The vessel that founded Human Design, Ra Uru Hu (Alan Robert Krakower), describes it as “the manual that will guide you on how to navigate life perfectly aligned with who you are; detailing your talents, skills, and potential to give you a map for actualizing who you are”. Human Design system comprises the Chinese I’Ching (a form of geomancy), western zodiac (astrology), Sephirot of the Kabbalah, Hexagram and the Hindu Chakra system. For the purpose of this demonstration, I will be focusing on 3 interactions the spirit force (left, red column) has with her nature (right, grey column).

In the first interaction, we are looking at her Anja center (third eye chakra, second from the top) which defines and controls her Thoughts, Answers, Opinions, Insights, Ideas, and Conceptualizing. As we can see, there is a connection being made with her third eye chakra and her throat chakra, also defined and controls her Communication, Manifestation, Materialization, Contact with the Exterior Worlds, Outlet for Energy and Expression, Speaking and Doing. This connection is described as the Channel of Curiosity: 56-11, A Design of a Seeker/Searcher. This channel bridges Gate 11 Peace (in Third eye chakra) with Gate 56 The Wanderer (In throat chakra). In her individual soul make up, the planet of Mars (her drive) and the North Node (Future Direction and Environment) meet at the Gate of The Wanderer in her nature (grey column), which means simply that when it came to searching for her own connection to her ancestral roots, she went in head first and was strong willed in recognizing its importance not only for her future direction, but for the future connection of the collective.

Where the magic happens , or where she allows spirit to take over is in the connection made transmuting her nature to serve spirit’s intentions (grey line as nature connecting to red line as spirit). In this case, her design shows the planet Neptune (Spirituality; truth in deeper reality) at the Gate of Peace, revealing that in order for her to find peace within, she must find a way to share all the knowledge gained from her research in a way that aligns with her overall nature (being a hardworking, beautifully crafting artist, seeking balance with a drive for spiritual and communal peace). Beyonce is aligned with the pure spiritual sense of being and we can plainly see this strategy of Beyonce’s design throughout her work time and time again. Human design describes the Channel of Curiosity: 56-11, A Design of a Seeker/Searcher as the following:

In the last line of this description, If we took the teachings and understanding of the Adinkra symbology of the Akan people of Ghana, we can very easily identify the concept of Sankofa. Sankofa is a Ghanian phrase that comes from the wisdom teaching of “Se wo werefi na wo sankofa, yenkyi" …

Translating to “it is not wrong, to go back and fetch for what you have forgotten”. In the gift that is Black is King, it is evident throughout the film that there is an underlying message for those in the Diaspora and if it wasn’t clear before, I pray it is now. Coming to the understanding now that Beyonce senses her divine nature, her soul’s calling and carries a clear vision with the information she consumes.

Beyonce’s Type according to human design is the Generator, which means her spirit's design is to experience what it feels to know herself, through what she generates or creates. As a generator, her Strategy is to Respond to things that inspire her/awaken her spirit. Generators are ruled by the sacral chakra which is the motor of the energy center that rules creativity, sexuality, and emotions. The Sacral center is the area that creation is incubated and nurtured until it is ready to be birthed. Beyonce is known as Queen B, because she seems so have reigned in on a creativity and artistic mastery streak that some would just attest to her hardworking nature. However, if we simply operated out of this nature without divine guidance, it could result in unsustainable outcomes. As a result, the benefit of being close to spirit is it gives you a sense of Inner Authority and Power to navigate events that require a response ( aka life). In Beyonce’s case, her Authority/ Power is The Channel of Rhythm: 5-15. This is pure spirit, life force energy (solid red) going from her sacral motor at The Gate 5 of Waiting, to her Gate 15 of Modesty. Again in her individual soul make up, the planet of Venus(her love and values, also being in the sign of Libra it’s ruler), is what purely connects her creative motor (sacral; her authority/power) to her ability to act/ create when and AND ONLY when necessary. Human Design describes this power of The Channel of Rhythm: 5-15 design as:

If we are still following and have reached this point, it is coming to this inevitable conclusion that reinforces the seemingly bold comment I made earlier in this text, that Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter is more aligned with the Spirit of God than most of us will be in our lifetime, simply because she is in tune with her nature, and aligns her nature to serve the spirit’s intention of the soul’s call (inner being awakening).

This is pretty deep, I know. This may only resonate with some individuals, but will most likely go largely misunderstood because of the complexities of the spirit to those that have lost sense. By sense, I mean the common nature of that which animates matter and allows the recollection of consciousness to know self through sensory experiences of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. I always say common sense isn’t common. That sense requires one to feel; feelings require receptivity, receptivity requiring openness and openness requiring feeling safe and loved. However, we currently operate in a society that thrives off our anxiety and fear, and more so in the Black community. In this case, the fear that keeps us from being open to love and receive Black is King as a diasporic community, is because of the associations made between spirit and the understanding of our own spiritual backgrounds presented in the film that have been poisoned by our oppressors. Beyonce’s constant reminder throughout the film to “find your way back” and “look up at the stars” is not for the sake of lyrics. There are endless moments of beauty that held immense symbology throughout her film, all of which I believe her and her team were very intentional about. As our ancient African ancestors knew, art was never for art sake, but was always to fulfill a purpose or intention. It helps her case however, that although it may not resonate at first, she knows to trust spirit with the gifts she shares with the world, and her love of creation is satisfaction enough.

The last piece that I would like to address is how I was able to sense the depths of her heart in the service of spirit with the gift that is Black is King. As mentioned at the beginning of this piece I addressed a part in Beyonce's energetic make up that we share and that is the Nature and Spirit (red and grey feeders), both coming out of her sacral motor center at the Gate 14- Possession in Great Measure. The activity at this gate with the planet Uranus ( sign of unusualness, shock, revolution, chaos and innovation) being in the sign of Scorpio (mysteries and depth), means naturally, Beyonce has a very unusual, revolutionary and innovative nature to her creation process that is very hidden from the outside world. This is not new to us. We are very aware of her strategy to go months without posting or saying anything (especially if she is working on something). However, this is also another source of her power, as she channels her unique abilities and insights to produce masterpieces that satisfy her soul and spirit’s intention, instead of attempting to prove herself with flaunting just how much of a free thinking revolutionary she is. And to tie it all together, as a fellow earth sign myself ( Taurus) I found it very divinely timed that the majority of her creative direction team is made up of fellow Taureens, at the same time that Uranus is currently in the sign of Taurus. This current transit makes it so clear how timely she is with her work, as Taurus, when aligned with the characteristics of the Tribes of Judah and Taurus being the sons of Issacar are known to be sensitive to “the times and seasons and what man ought to do”. Uranus (shock of the new and revolution) being in the sign of Taurus ( resourceful, sensual, dependable, earth, grounded, home and body) means everything we knew about our sense of resources in information, spirituality, where we as the diaspora can call home and be resourceful is all being challenged into something new. It seems like a shock to our system, because we lost our sense of feeling what the spirit is feeding and as a result are unable to complete the connection which would be the Gate 2- The Receptive. However, If Beyonce did not put out Black Is King, I would not have the privilege of being that Receptor of her inner being.

What Beyonce did was surrender to spirit and align herself in such a way that I was able to sense her and complete the circuit, and by doing so continuing the work of spirit with the response of my soul calling (Leo Rising), To be brave and true to myself. The completed channel of the Beat: 2-14 is described as:

Surrendering Unto"Spirit"... Dancer Pictured being lifted to the heavens.

If “The celestial realms announce God’s glory and the skies testify of His hands’ great work” (Psalm 19), than I think when Jesus went to pray and fast on the mountains, he also went to star gaze. I believe Christ was “doing his Father’s will” and “as his Father does” truly in alignment to what the Akans would say, Gye Nyame knowing there is nothing except the Supreme Sky God (Father of the Sky), which he would have been searching the heaven’s for instructions to bring heaven to earth and complete these great works.

"Surrounded and Guided by Spirit"... Dancers Pictured surrounding Beyonce, wearing pink and green symbolizing heart chakra and higher heart chakra, guiding the duality within (Beyonce dressed in black and white suit) symbolizing the balance of duality through the help of spirit (possibly guided by ancestors surrounded) .

So this being said, I would like to thank Beyonce for her masterpiece that is Black is King and for helping me step into my power and find my way back home. As I close out this piece (admittedly with immense emotion), I am in awe, as I always have been, of the love of God for His creation. One of my favourite bible verses is Ephesians 2:10 “ For we are His masterpiece, heaven’s poetry etched on lives, created anew in the Anointed, Jesus, to accomplish the good works God arranged long ago”. I believe it is the response- ability of every creation created in the image of God to connect with their spirit’s life force and awaken the soul. I truly believe that God is intentional with all of His creations, and with intention set out to simply put back together the pieces of the masterpiece, He will continue to do so trusting the word set out will not return void but accomplish the re-connection of all of God’s creation; connecting all back to the one divine Spirit, one vessel at a time.

King restored unto throne through the guidance of ancestors and "Spirit"... Beyonce depicted as Asase Ya, Divine helper on earth .

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