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What does it mean to be free?

Project: Abba's House - Concept for New Build

Client: Twum Boateng (Father, Sun in Scorpio)

Location: Kumasi, Ghana

What does it mean to be free?

It is the very thing we have been fighting for as far back as my past lives will remember. It is the thing that allows us to be, ask the questions, explore, to feel like you are able to do something. It means you lack for nothing. Relieved of other. Self, unbounded, unshackled, unafraid. Not being controlled or in the power of another, subjected to foreign dominance. Not being confined or imprisoned by thought patterns that bind. What does it mean to be free? We are trying to fight for justice, peace to truly be free, to be. Ourselves. We are unique and complex, fearfully and wonderfully made.

And as unique masterpieces, vessels of new thoughts that illumine, we are rained on with blessings of new thoughts, always. Yet we are fighting to think new thoughts even though the current ones have run their course. Why do we feel like we need to be free? What are we trying to be free of? From?

Confusion. Distortion. Lies.

Someone saying that a space "feels like me" means that whatever state of energy my being has charged that room with, is imprinted on this individual and they feel it. And it resonates. And if they feel at home, in my space, then they feel at home with me. And that is good.

My hope is that people feel at home with themselves. We must make ourselves and our space wells from which we draw resource from. I am trying to find inner resources by healing the curiosity of the dark within and being open enough to bring the light of new thoughts in. Thus allowing me to reflect in the external world information that I feel is missing. A vessel that allows light to flow through her broken holes...

I am trying to see reflections of me. I and others like me are a new creation. The diaspora feels as though we don't fit entirely into what the Eurocentric understanding of Africanism is. We are trying to free our-self of what that even means. Why is it such a question mark?

Concepts, ideology and understanding that were felt experiences... demonized because they lacked calculations. Quantification slowed the experience. Now we wonder why we are at a halt. We cannot move forward without thoroughly looking back. What must be uncovered becomes the bedrock of the new foundation on which we can build. Fertile, surveyed and as much accounted for as possible. We cannot build relationships on faulty ground, why dare we a people group on inconsistent history? It does not make sense; lacking accurate feeling, consciousness, recognition. Histories do not align. A lot has been erased. Why? What is there to hide?

My father finds it interesting that I have found a sense of purpose. What I think he fails to realize is that I have reconciled within myself what I needed to feel safe. To feel grounded. That became what tied me here. In grounding myself from inner turmoil, I created a safe space from which my soul rested and allowed for other souls to find rest also. I became a reservoir. My father, my first client. I don't believe I have "daddy issues" anymore. I'm slowly healing in that area. However, it makes it interesting for me to see that the one who confirmed my purpose still asks his creator what his is.

And in the reconciling his own inner and outer history and culture, he will find his own truth and purpose... that which will bring rest and safety to his soul. Tethering him to ground him in his purpose. I'm creating spaces for these difficult conversations. That is what I feel is my purpose.

The history of my people is a complicated and long one. Filled with stardust and galaxies, celestial bodies coming together in euphoric ecstasy to create reflections of itself. Dancing across worlds to remind each other of the love that will leave traces to remind you that you are never alone, or far from home. A world where light and darkness balance. Find peace in duality. We are seeds planted in the soil and nurtured by the waters of love. Vessels for blessings of new thoughts that rain from above.

Child. We are children of the sun and moon. Light beings, on earth as we were and are and will be in heaven.

I don't have all the answers. Freedom comes in being okay with knowing that you do not have all the answers, nor do you need to. It will never be complete. We are always processing, transforming, always changing. We need to make space for curiosity, exploration, truth, reconciliation, love that transforms and covers... something we can rest under as well as stand on. Thoughts analyzed only after they have been experienced. Logos, the word and the experienced promise.

I don't have all the answers. It is a journey of internal spatial explorations reflected in external spatial information. A lightworkers job is to bring light to darkness. To illumine missed understanding, the true mark in which we strive for. I hope to bring light to spaces that are not clear & resolve in the grey space.

In the chaos you can see the brokenness as something beautiful. The fractured light broken into beams of colour. There is beauty in the ashes. In the stardust. Remember, you are not separate. Freedom comes in acknowledging that it is all the same. We are all the same.

Complex individuals, lovingly misunderstood. Gaining understanding. Human. Being. The best we can. Let's have the tough conversations. Breathe in. Exhale. Create that safe space. You are home. Welcome.



Gabrielle Boateng

Identity - Who I am created to be...

Daughter, Sun In Taurus, 9th House of:

travel, higher education, discovery, adventure, understanding, beliefs, philosophy, culture, abstraction

Taurus - blessing of Issachar :

“The desire to reveal the light of divinity hidden within form - building as a function of revelation" - William Meader - Esoteric Astrology: Revealing the Soul's Intention*

Imprint - What I must overcome, promises and plans assigned to me...

Soul Evolution in Scorpio (Father's sign), 4th House of:

childhood, traditions, family, foundations, property, emotional security, inner self

Expression - How I express my souls’ energy in motion...

Inner being in motion in Sagittarius, 5th House of:

creativity, leisure, self-expression, pleasure, entertainment, children, talent

Mission - Heaven’s call, earth’s mission...

Soul's calling in Leo, 1st House of:

[true] self, outlook, vitality

Leo - blessing of Judah :

“The the will to be the authentic self, finding oneself and standing on what is true...

Will to be, Will to lead, Will to Illumine...

bringing light to hidden things"*

*Source the same


Space inspired by featured pieces from designer:

Lara Bohinc

of Bohinc Studio

Known for her celestially inspired signature style echoing planetary forms, Lara Bohinc's pieces bring the refined masterpieces that allow the spaces to be filled with objects that encourage conversations about the mystery of the cosmos. Bohinc's 'use of the finest materials, obsession with deconstruction and reconfiguration of pure geometric form along with her style of mix of contradictions: bold yet light, graphic yet fluid, angular yet feminine', make Lara's work the ideal base to start with for this conversation. Bohinc's designs provides the perfect "conversation starter" that allow the dweller in a space to be an inspired vessel, encouraged to open up their mind to the universal forms that overwhelm us with curiosity and beauty.

To see more from Lara, click here.


Space Inspired by other pieces featured from designers:

  • Omo Iserhienrhien - Designer, Toronto, ON

  • Monika Mulder for Pholc - Designer, Gothenburg, SE


Entertainment Room Collage Ideation:

Option 1 Option 2

Revealing of Abba's Home to be continued...

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